Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real

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Should we add Trump?

Hatred of President Trump is extreme in some people.  Some unbalanced snowflakes would actually kill the President given the opportunity.  I find this mental condition to be frightening.  I don’t particularly like Trumps personal habits or some of his policies but he is not Adolf Hitler reincarnated.

Insane hatred of President Trump causes some people to become mentally unhinged and they may actually harm Trump supporters if they dare to say anything positive about Trump.  Fake news from the left in politics is absolutely real in my opinion and people that isolate their news media to left biased sources are bound to be disappointed.  I still remember the liberal reporters on election night crying when Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. These reporters had created the Fake News polls that said Hillary would win.  Guess what?  Trump won the election fairly according to our laws and the United States Constitution in spite of all the Fake News from the left biased media.  The only right way to remove Trump is to beat him fairly in an election.

I am more afraid of irrational Trump haters than I am of the policies of President Trump.  Anyone that doesn’t allow free speech by threatening violence should be legally arrested and given psychiatric help.  I certainly don’t support everything that Trump does but even he can’t do everything wrong.  I dislike both political parties because their policies don’t match what I believe is the right thing to do.

People in both political parties have human weaknesses and we live in a corrupt world.  Politics will never be squeaky clean but we should at least try to treat each other with honesty and respect.  This will probably not be a successful way to achieve greatness in politics. Telling unsubstantiated hateful lies is the norm in our country because it allows you to be successful politically.


Dead Trees are Expensive in Hartford, WI

My Father and Grandfather.

Dead trees are very expensive when you live in Hartford, WI.  In fact the two gigantic dying trees on my front lawn may cause me to declare Bankruptcy.  A person from the City of Hartford telephoned me to tell me that someone had complained about the two big dead trees by the sidewalk on my lawn.  The guy from the city was just doing his job and he was very reasonable.  I’m not mad at the person who complained because the trees do eventually need to come down although I was trying to delay the inevitable due to the astronomic cost.  Some time ago I had a tree trimmer look at the worst tree and he said it would probably cost a few thousand because it was intertwined with the electrical lines, near buildings, was so extremely large and in decay due to ash borer disease.  He refused to do the job because it was so dangerous.

The City of Hartford does cut down ash borer infested trees for free if they are within 10 feet of the main electrical lines.  The tree must be located between the sidewalk and the street.  Unfortunately my ash tree is located slightly on the wrong side of the sidewalk so the City is reluctant to do it for free.  There may still be a slim possibility that they will do it for free because it is hazardous and located near electrical apparatus on Main street.  Apparently a big branch had fallen off this tree and destroyed a truck a few years before we moved to Hartford.  This was years before it was infested with the ash borer insect.  I am hoping that the people in city government will see it in their kind hearts to cut down this ash tree for free due to its precarious location.  I don’t think I can come up with the cash to cut even one of these two trees down.

I think the other complaint tree is a maple but it looks like it is still alive enough to survive with some mild trimming of dead wood.  The city is sending an arborist to inspect the trees and determine how dangerous they are to people and traffic.  I will have more of a major financial problem if he decides that the trees need to be cut down at once and that I need to pay for them.  The city may cut down the trees and put the bill on my taxes.  There may be some government programs that will help me pay for this debacle and I am investigating those potential options.  We are low on money because of moving expenses, house repairs and numerous severe medical conditions.

Even with these financial problems I still believe God will provide.  I may not be living in the Taj Mahal but we are not starving and things could be much worse.




Christianity at Work

Mr. C from the JCC

The Jerusalem Christian Center (JCC) is helping us fix some moderate basement flooding and remove an awesome ground wasp nest with multiple sites near our home.  A past homeowner had mistakenly put a lot of piled high mulch with a high border near our house.  The wasps really love this stuff judging from the size of the nests.  The mulch also collects water which eventually gets in the basement where I pump it out because our old house has no basement drain.  Mr. B and Mr. C from the JCC are good friends of ours for many years and they are doing some heavy work while dodging swarms of wasps.  I am connected to a portable Cancer Chemo pump with tubing and have a finicky  new ostomy so I am not much help with this difficult project.

One wasp nest was under some old leftover shingles so it could not be easily poisoned from above ground. I tried to soak them with poison from above without removing the shingles but this was a hopeless task.  At 2 AM I went outside with a ten foot hooked pole  and ripped off the old shingles from the wasp nest.  Guess what?  Plenty of wasps swarmed up to get me.  I did get one sting while retreating to the garage but now the nest was exposed.  After waiting for the wasps to calm down, I repeated soaking that nest with poison for a more successful result.  Unfortunately my good friends from the JCC discovered a second larger wasp nest in the bushes around our house while working on the endless mulch and Mr. C was stung once.

Looks like it’s time for another midnight wasp poisoning by Glenn.  I actually get some perverse enjoyment out of contending with a nest of wasps.  It kind of reminds me of going to some engineering classes at MSOE decades earlier.

KSI vs Logan fight

Watching the youtube boxing match between KSI and Logan with my son Tony.  I used to like boxing and MMA but I haven’t watched any matches in a long time.  One of my sons studied Judo and the other one studied Ju Jitsu so it is a good thing they don’t get into fights.  The preliminary youtube fights are hilarious because the fighters are so out of shape.

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Orion’s Arm Needs a Dyson Sphere that could Work

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Orion’s Arm is a game for physicists and like minded people that my son Josh mentioned to me.  Apparently the game can be won if you can design a Dyson Sphere that could be built with known technologies and theoretically possible materials.  My preliminary proposal to solve this problem is called a “Sellnow Cylinder” Megastructure and it may have several variations depending on how the mathematics works out.

What is a Sellnow Cylinder Megastructure?  Josh mentioned that Isaac Arthur (A futurist on youtube) has come up with a way to dynamically keep a Ringworld type structure from destroying itself.  Larry Niven developed the Ringworld concept in several science fiction books.  Given a functional design for a Ringworld it should be possible to upscale a Ringworld design and make a Sellnow Cylinder.  A Sellnow Cylinder is a space based megastructure with dynamic controls that encloses an entire star with a Cylinder providing living space for humans on parts of the inside similar to a Dyson Sphere or Ringworld.

A Sellnow Cylinder is simply a large ringworld using dynamic controls with the ends of the cylinder capped off.  The internal volume of the cylinder would not have to be entirely empty but could be filled in part to provide physical stability or for other purposes.  Continuous circular ridges could be made similar to mountain ranges to increase livable surface area and to hold air/water in place. Exotic future materials with extraordinary physical properties would make this more feasible but it may be possible to make the Cylinder with known materials provided some type of dynamic controls are applied to stop it from flying apart or crashing into the star while rotating around  a moving galaxy orbiting star.  This concept could provide equal livable surface area to a hypothetical Dyson Sphere design which is desirable in the Orion’s Arm discussions as described to me.

I am a retired Electrical Engineer with cancer and it has been a long time since I have taken an advanced mathematics course in college.  A rigorous mathematical investigation of a conceptual Sellnow Cylinder is beyond my capabilities at this point in my life.  If any qualified person is interested in working out the math for this conceptual idea please contact me and I will give you joint credit with me for this idea.


New Book Maybe?


Might write a book about my cancer treatment provided God is willing to keep me alive long enough.  I had planned to write some books on other subjects and I still might do that.  I don’t know if anyone will read any of my books but they don’t cost anything to publish on Amazon if you do it yourself using their system.  Books can be written while laying down in bed which is a practical position for me.  Its too difficult to write a book during these various cancer treatments but eventually they will end.

I suspect my cancer will not result in quick death but it will be necessary to endure some medical torture to cure it.  Everyone dies in time but I would rather die of old age in my late 90’s like my grandmother.  She had several episodes of cancer but none killed her.

Cancer is not a pleasant subject for a book but someone with cancer might gain encouragement from me.  I really hate people sticking needles in me but you can get used to anything.  The chemo doesn’t seem to be giving me any problems yet.  Preparation for the radiation treatments was rather undignified due to the location of my cancer in my rear end.  My ostomy home visit nurse will be forcing me to put on my own ostomy bag which is quite a procedure because of the odd stoma I ended up with.  Ostomy supplies are very expensive so its a good thing I have insurance. Hope I can do it well enough to make the damn thing last for five days.  I could never be an ostomy nurse.


I’d rather be Gardening

Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in Wisconsin Garden
Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in My Wisconsin Garden.

I plan to revitalize my garden next year after God grants me victory over this cancer.  I’m just too busy with doctors and nurses this year.  I think there were some cherries on one of the cherry bushes but I didn’t bother picking them so the birds had a treat.  Small native fruits survive very well with minimal care.  Veggies are simply beyond my physical ability to plant and care for this year but I’m hoping I will be planting some next year.  Leaking ostomy bags and my attached chemo pump tubing dangling around would make it quite an interesting task to do any gardening.  The next surgery, chemo and radiation should be done in several weeks and hopefully everything will go the way the doctors planned it.  I’d rather be gardening.