Hernia are uncool

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hernia surgery will not help my hernia according to the surgeon at St Luke’s. Multiple problems would occur if the surgeons did attempt to correct the situation so I am going to have to learn to live with it probably for the rest of my life.

Surgery on the hernia would cause fistula’s to form due to Crohn’s disease and damage the area near my stoma. That would be a bad thing. I can barely keep my ostomy appliance on the way it is and additional problems with my stoma are not something I need. Any good results from hernia surgery would probably only last for several months before being wrecked.

My Cancer treatment could also be affected by the timing of the surgery or new cancer sites could be induced by the surgery. Not exactly charming concepts from my point of view. I am not really that enthusiastic about new surgery of any kind. Why waste the remainder of my lifespan recovering from a knife slicing me up and having bursting stiches when I get home?

The Hernia does give a unique appearance to my belly but it looks like its been shot to hell anyways. No surgery is my favorite type of surgery so I was not displeased with the surgeons recommendation.

Cheese Cake Factory with relatives

I am gaining a little more confidence traveling with an ostomy so I am able to travel to the Milwaukee area for a visit with my wife’s relatives at the Cheese Cake Factory today. It was very kind of them to take us out to eat. We haven’t seen this group in a long time so its great the we are able to catch up. I have never been to the Cheese Cake Factory before but the website looks like it has the kind of food that appeals to me. I like to eat tons of good food so this is a great treat.

I have been avoiding traveling and eating recently because of all the ostomy incidents that I have had. The nurse at the Oconomowoc wound care clinic had some good starting ideas on ostomy pouch application procedures and I modified his ideas to make them more practical based on the ostomy system I use and the odd shape of my stoma.

My stoma is a finicky little bastard that even most experienced wound care nurses are incapable of attaching a pouch to correctly. I need to have a more expensive complicated type of pouch to make it work in a reasonable manner. The pouches used by the traveling nurses initially simply didn’t work on me so I experimented with different systems until I found one that actually works. It is still less than perfection but I have ways of dealing with any problem even if they are not pretty. It doesn’t help that I have developed a hernia and broke a few surgical stitches along the way. Additional minor surgery will be needed to correct the situation.

At least a stoma keeps me alive and kicking which is better than the alternative. Where is that luscious cheesecake!?

Can you understand God?

The Bible is sufficient to save you from your sin and show you the right way to live however God clearly knows more than what is written in his Word. Human beings are not capable of complete comprehension of God using the Bible even if they insist it is possible. I have seen people in the past assert that certain teachings are true based on the Bible but their assertions appear flimsy when reviewed against other Bible verses.

God’s word acts similar to a powerful medication that is highly addictive with positive side effects. Anyone can replace their negative addictions with truth from the Bible that Jesus forgives you your sins and sets you free. Medications sometimes need to be taken in the right manner or they may make you sick. The Bible can easily be misused by well meaning people. You need to study the Bible yourself and compare it to what you are being told.

Only Jesus is perfect and capable of replacing your real problems with peace. Christians are not perfect and will not ever be perfect during this lifetime. Any one that tells you that you can achieve perfection on earth is wrong.

There is much that we don’t know about God but most of what we do know is simple enough to understand and very practical. The Bible works in real life for many people in spite of its vocal critics. A practical life altering method for changing a person for the better is rare. A person who’s sins are forgiven understands that difference but may not understand everything in the Bible.

I certainly don’t understand every word in the Bible but I know a working system when I see one. The Bible works but the Bible itself indicates that all of God’s knowledge has not been given to humanity. A person can only grasp limited aspects of God at any one time. Complete understanding of God is simply not possible even with the Bible.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. ”
Isaiah 55:9 NIV