Slender Man Trial – Opinion

wp-1500863485915.jpeg  I think the two young girls who attempted to murder another girl in the name of the fictional character slender man were mentally ill and should receive psychiatric treatment until such time as they pose no threat to the public.  That may be three years with credit for time served or it may be never.  This should be a matter to be determined by competent psychiatrists if any can be found.  A twelve-year-old child with a clear mental illness can’t be held totally responsible for their actions in the same way that an adult criminal can be held responsible.  Punishment should not be the objective and safety of the public in the future should be the overriding concern.

Access to material such as slender man should be restricted by law to legal adults just like alcohol, cigarettes and pornography.  There is a lot of garbage in the world and the people who shovel it on the heads of children should have some type of legal restrictions placed on them with severe criminal and financial penalties for violations.  Even adults are not always capable of controlling their actions when they fill their mind with negative images.  Children should be restricted from accessing many more types of negative material by their parents and the government.  The internet makes restrictions difficult but not impossible.  People producing these types of materials could be taxed and the money used to police the illegal distribution of this crap.


Legacybox service review.

grandfathernose - Edited
Grandfather Sellnow with nose glasses

Legacybox service review.  Legacybox is a company that takes your old old personal media and converts it into modern formats.  It handles films, audio and pictures of almost any kind and produces a DVD, CD or Thumbdrive.  It is not necessary to pay full price for the Legacybox service if you sign up for their emails and wait for one of their 50% off sales.

I am morally opposed to all types of disk media such as DVD’s and CD’s because I am fairly certain they will become obsolete within my lifetime.  I have tried unsuccessfully to eliminate all DVD’s from our house but the rest of the family have stopped my clandestine attempts at totally purging all DVD’s.  At least I have been able to eradicate all CD’s.  I would always get the thumb drive option because this type of media is easier to convert to the latest media.

I have long ago converted all my immediate family’s old pictures into files that can easily be manipulated by software.  I like to use the pictures on this blog.  I did this using a scanner and computer which is a very slow tedious painful process.  It is always necessary to manipulate the scanned picture at least a little with software or it looks unprofessional.  I am sure my results are not equal to the quality that can be achieved by Legacybox using the latest equipment at a rapid pace.  Judy has a bunch of film reels sitting in boxes that I have no way to do myself so someday we may even take a look at a Legacybox conversion for this video.  Right now I can’t afford anything because there was a recent hole in my roof and I was in an accident with a flying board on I-94.  I consider Legacybox a fair deal if you take advantage of the 50% off sales and have money to spare.

Roof Damage is Uncool.

Roof damage 8/29/2017

Something hit my roof and gutter making this damage.  My best guess is that a weak branch broke off and went flying during a past windy storm making a temporary pitstop on my roof. Figured out that we had damage when water came dripping through my kitchen ceiling.  Kind of a bummer but I suppose that’s life.  Got it fixed before serious damage from rain occurred inside.

C & K roofing repair man was courteous and prompt once he learned about the problem.  One of the secretary’s at C & K was mildly irritating when she responded to my call but her supervisor was able to help me.  Apparently their Time Warner Cable communication system was broken down so it was difficult for them to do anything.  I persevered and eventually they were able to reach someone capable of fixing my roof.  I suppose C & K isn’t too bad but the secretary’s could use some additional training in customer service. I know I am not a big customer and they have a lot to do but your job does not stop just because a little modern technology breaks down.  Minor detours but problem solved.

Twigby cell phones are a good deal.

iphone-6-458155_1920Twigby cell phones and service appear to be a good deal if you don’t need unlimited data.  We are going to give them a try for our cell service.  Cell service is available in reasonable price increments starting at $9 per month.  They have a data plan that will operate on WiFi only for free that works with any of the smart phones. Now they are beginning to get into my price range.  Some of my relatives have them and they haven’t had any problem with coverage.  Higher data level plans are also available.  If you need an unlimited plan then I would recommend  Boost mobile instead but I you have a little self control you can save a lot of cash with Twigby.

When it rains it pours…

engelssmall When it rains it pours.  Also, rain started dribbling in my kitchen ceiling which I consider to be an uncool activity.  The roof is only two years old so I called the installer to have him come by tomorrow and take a look at the roof.

Have to see what the warranty or insurance will cover.  I was in the process of blaming the cat for all the water on the floor when I realized it wasn’t near his water dish. I guess I’ll just have to see what the result is when the roofer looks over the roof.


Can’t Wait to Switch to Boost Mobile.

I can’t wait to change my cell plan provider to Boost Mobile from US Cellular. The Boost price is better, their service seems better and there is no contract to break. I know people who have boost mobile and it works in the places I go. Unfortunately I still have an iron clad contract with US Cellular for almost a year. I plan to get an android phone with unlimited 3G and limited 4G for a very reasonable price with Boost. US Cellular has severe financial penalties for exceeding your limited data cap so my paltry data plan is just not that pretty to use. I am a heavy data user so I am forever maxing out my US Cellular data plan with some previous help from family. Superior price and a better service is a good reason to switch.

Wikipedia is a great reference!

Academic Reference police after Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great reference!  Many college professors believe that they are the only people that can provide accurate reference information which coincidentally gives them job security and a monopoly on how good academic information is transmitted. They despise Wikipedia and brainwash their students to have the same condescending attitude. 

I think that Wikipedia makes a great initial reference to go to provided you cross check it against other sources. Some types of information are simply changing too fast for academics to keep up.and Wikipedia fills a void for these types of situations.  It is not that easy for false information to stay on Wikipedia for any length of time because it tends to be self correcting particularly if it has some type of content that people have strong emotions about. Also, any reasonable person knows enough to check on any information from any source and form their own opinion.

Not everything you read is true. What a shocking concept! Instead of accepting everything from a self protecting academic elite as true you should think for yourself and compare different sources. College professors do make mistakes and they have their own types of prejudiced thinking so make sure you never trust them completely.

Beware Flying Boards on the Road!

Nobody likes two flat tires. I was driving on I-94 and a board came flying through the air hitting my car and bouncing around underneath with a mighty rattle. One front tire went flat and the other had a very slow leak. Pretty sure other damage occurred also. 

Did you know that new Kia Soul automobiles don’t have spare tires? I never looked before I had this flat. Kia provides an emergency inflation kit with tire sealant. Limped the car back home to Hartford with the aid of the kit. Now I need to take the car to the dealer to get my tire replacement coverage. Just hope it makes it to Russ Darrow Wauwatosa without a major problem and that the Zurich emergency tire insurance I bought with the car was worth it. Might as well get all my long delayed maintenance done now too. Erie auto insurance has a $500 deductible so I hope I don’t need to use it. 

Ford Event Sweepstakes Review

Ford Tractor (Not in this Sweepstakes)

Ford Event Sweepstakes Review.  You can win $30,000 towards a new ford vehicle of your choice.  It doesn’t cost anything to enter and all you need to do is watch  sales video. If you win, just pick out your vehicle under $30,000 from the choices given.  The sweepstakes ends on January 3, 2018.  The following link will take you to the entry page:


Ford Event Sweepstakes for Ford Vehicle by your local Ford Dealer