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Spooky Halloween E-Book for Free

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Halloween is considered by many to be the spooky time of year. I wrote a book that may frighten and disturb some people. Perhaps it would make a good Halloween gift for your friends. My ebook “Practical Apocalypse Preparation” will be free on Amazon during Halloween day October 31, 2021. It is also available as a paperback for a minimal cost. Try not to be frightened if you read it.

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Glenn’s Wild Medical Ride – 10/10/2021


I have had a wild medical ride during the last few weeks. I was in the hospital twice and I suspect it was from the same cause. I had acute kidney failure because the kidneys were not getting enough liquids so they simply dried up. It’s really kind of shocking to hear a doctor tell you that you have acute kidney failure when that was the last thing you were expecting.

The cause of the kidney failure was that all the liquids were pouring out of my ostomy before they ever made it to the kidney. Some of my newer medications may have contributed to this condition. Fortunately, my kidneys recovered when liquids were added intravenously. The doctors came up with the solution of giving me a binding medication so that liquids stay in my body long enough to make it to the kidneys. Seems to be working.

The doctors had temporarily stopped my PIQRAY cancer drug. I believe they didn’t know what was going on so they eliminated anything new. PIQRAY seems very promising in fighting my cancer. I have seen X-rays taken before and after taking the PIQRAY pills. Some of the tumors appear to be disintegrating. That’s a good thing from my point of view. I have only been taking the drug for less than a month.

PIQRAY may be having the side effect of raising my blood sugar but this has not been proven yet. Even if it does raise my blood sugar enough to require diabetes treatment, that’s better than a speedy death by cancer. I just need to continuously monitor my blood sugar.

There is no guaranty that PIQRAY will significantly extend my life but it is worth a shot. It was quite a battle to get the insurance company to approve the drug because it costs $600 per day for the rest of my life. It’s simple to take because it is just two pills per day which is much easier than chemotherapy. The drug doesn’t eliminate vulnerable cancer but it does suppress it in many patients. I might be one of those patients.

Ultimately we are all in God’s hands. My destination is the same whether medicine helps or not. It serves no purpose to live in fear. My faith is in the forgiveness of my sins through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Other things in this life are only temporary but God’s forgiveness is permanent.

God bless,


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Glenn’s Health Update – 09/24/2021

I was in the hospital with a bad infection and a high dosage of a new medication. I was in for over a week and was pretty well out of it. The new plan is to eliminate the infection (done) and change the cancer medication dosage.

The spot radiation treatment for my lungs may proceed if the insurance approves it. The imaging appears to show the two small lung tumors breaking up with a hole in the middle. This is a good sign because it indicates the PIQRAY drug was working. The doctors want to zap the remainder of the tumor with radiation.

God bless!


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Free Ebooks Today!

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Three free Amazon ebooks will be available on September 9, 2021.

1. Cancel Cancer!

2. The Family Farm Crisis Solution!

3. Practical Christian Politics.

These ebooks will be kept continuously up to date. These books are also available as paperbacks on demand from Amazon. Amazon.com/author/glennsellnow

I’m still working on Practical Apocalypse Preparation and that will also be offered for free on Amazon when available. Hopefully, I can make improvements in my writing with experience and the suspension of chemotherapy infusion. Cancer treatments really sap the life out of you. I am starting the new PICRAY drug tomorrow (8/22/2021) and it has the potential for significant quality of life improvement.

I can write while flat on my back in bed which is sometimes the only position that I can achieve. Other times I feel quite well but it is totally unpredictable. I’m really quite hopeful that I can get rid of this catheter with the upcoming operation in Hartford because it can hurt like an S.O.B. at random intervals.

Given enough time, I have about 50 books that I would like to write. I may not have the time or inclination to finish that many books but anything is possible with God.

God Bless!

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God’s Creation

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1 The heavens are telling the glory of God,
and the firmament proclaims the work of his hands.
2 ⌊Every day⌋ they pour forth speech,
and ⌊every night⌋ they tell knowledge.
3 There is no speech and there are no words;
their sound is inaudible.
4 Yet in all the world their line goes out,
and their words to the end of the world.

Psalms 19:1-4 LEB

I heard a Christian minister discuss his interpretation of God’s creation methods and the age of the universe. He had a traditional conservative interpretation of the Biblical text which has been used for centuries. He advocated that the known universe is on the order of a few thousand years old. He may be right on his interpretation but I believe a true Christian can have differing interpretations of the passages he discussed. I enjoyed listening to this particular minister but I have a suspicion he may not be entirely accurate in his Biblical interpretation of God’s creation methods.

I believe it is possible for a Christian to have detailed knowledge of the universe that originates from direct observation of nature. Many Christians agree with this idea and Psalm 19 would appear to indicate that “the heavens pour forth speech and they tell knowledge”. Ignorance of nature would make it difficult for a Christian to learn knowledge of this type. A rigid traditional human interpretation of Biblical creation timing ignores the observable age of the universe and may not be Biblical. I am neither a respected scientist nor an expert in interpretation of ancient languages but I do have an opinion based on my limited knowledge. Both the Bible and nature have many parts which are very easy for the average person to understand in a practical manner. Nature is easy to observe because it is everywhere. The Biblical text has not always been available to the average person due to difficulty in reproducing it on paper and human religious politics.

I neglected to learn ancient Hebrew and Greek while I was young. When I was very young I considered a career as a farmer, clergy or engineer. I chose engineer because it seemed cost effective and I was poor. I rely on the KJV and the LEB translations of the Bible for practical reasons. These translations are not the original text but they are the best English versions that I have found for my purposes. It is difficult to discuss traditional Biblical creation interpretations because some Christians are following a human tradition of interpreting the Biblical creation account in a specific manner. Any observable real world evidence that contradicts their traditional human interpretation of the Biblical creation account is rejected. The Bible does not contradict the observable facts about the universe but human tradition combined with ignorance of the real world may produce a false Biblical interpretation.

I was not present when the universe was created so I can’t be certain of the exact details of its initialization. It is however possible to directly observe what happened earlier in the age of the universe up to a point because we know how fast light travels and how far away various natural phenomena are from us. I find it difficult to believe that God would create natural phenomena that would deceive humans about the age of the universe even though God is all powerful. The universe around us does not appear to be just several thousand years old. It appears to be on the order of billions of years old and I think that there is nothing in the Bible which contradicts that apparent age for non-living matter. The idea of a universe that is billions of years old contradicts some older human interpretations of the Biblical creation account. The Bible has provided me with sufficient proof of its accuracy during my lifetime. Human religious tradition may sound good but it may be inaccurate in spite of someone’s pride in tradition. Why do many young people leave Christianity? They compare certain aspects of science with the traditional creation interpretation taught in their youth. The real world is very difficult to deny because they can see it in front of them. Human religious tradition that deviates from the Biblical text is not from God so it may not be accurate. Most people prefer truth to rigid dogma that can’t be questioned.

I suspect that the age of our universe is at least several billion years old based on crude astronomy. I know the Bible is accurate based on what God has done for me and on many secular proofs of the Bible’s historical accuracy. I believe that there is no contradiction between the Bible and true science. Many Christians have taken a hostile attitude towards science and that is unfortunate. Many secular scientists have negative attitudes towards Christianity. The best way to correct these types of attitudes is to make sure our interpretation of the Bible is done without pride and a willingness to learn from God’s creation.

“7 …. Yahweh God formed the man of dust from the ground, and he blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” Genesis 2:7 LEB The origin of life from non-living matter has not been duplicated by science. Scientists have tried their best but have failed so far. If scientists can’t create life in a controlled laboratory condition then it is extremely unlikely that random events in nature produced life spontaneously. Secular evolution would require life to start from random events in nature. It is easy to conclude that secular evolution of life starting from nonliving matter is simply improbable.

Many scientists claim the fossil records prove that secular evolution is true. Total secular evolution requires some type of origin point and it should be reproducible in a laboratory under ideal forced conditions. I am not an expert on the fossil record but I am suspicious of scientists that can’t reproduce a simple example of true secular evolution in a laboratory. Secular evolution has become a rigid dogma which can’t be questioned similar to many religions. It should be possible to force an animal species to evolve into another kind of animal using scientific forced selection if secular evolution is true. Why aren’t scientists trying to do this experiment? Maybe it is too difficult for them? Many of secular evolutions devotees become emotionally upset when these objections are raised.

Farmers of animals have long produced significant variations in the same basic kind of animal. This could be described as a type of human induced evolution within the same basic type of animal. I have never seen one kind of animal be forced to evolve into another kind by human intervention using selection. It is easy to conclude that the hypothesis of complete secular evolution needs some work before it should be called a reasonable theory.

Natural conditions could produce limited evolution in the same basic type of animal just like a dog breeder can force significant variations in dogs. I don’t believe this explains the complete fossil record based on my limited knowledge. The fossil record seems to indicate a more complex situation than older traditional human interpretations of the Bible or complete secular evolution. I don’t have a complete grasp of the entire fossil record but I have seen many fossils that are quite different from the current life on earth. The reality of these fossils do not seem to coincide with interpretations by young earth creationists or standard evolutionary theory.

I have read some writings by Hugh Ross and Francis Collins that appear to contradict secular evolution theories. They are both quite intelligent scientists and claim to be born again Christians. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Hugh and Francis say. I doubt that the actual history of life on earth is simple but I wasn’t there to watch it happen. Secular evolution requires an origin point from non-living matter which can’t be reproduced scientifically and that is a key problem for secular evolution theory. This origin problem for evolution should be clearly discussed at every educational institution. I am also suspicious of the fossil record interpretation because it seems to be done by biased people and promoted as rigid dogma. Religious and secular attempts to describe the fossil record both seem to be inadequate.

I believe that God is more complex than the human mind can comprehend. I don’t have the needed knowledge or life span to figure out the details of exactly how God created the universe. God has told me what I need to know for now. Clearly the Bible is not large enough to contain all of God’s knowledge but I plan on having additional time for discussion in heaven on these subjects.

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Practical Apocalypse Preparation


My recent book Practical Apocalypse Preparation made a pretty good jump in three Amazon category rankings. Its rankings right now are:

That may not be #1 but when you consider that there are several million books on Amazon it’s not a terrible ranking. I only make a few dimes on each book sold but my primary purpose is not to make money. I like to tell my personal opinions and give Glory to God in my writings. My writings are a mixture of spirituality, reference, practical education, and personal experiences.

The Amazon rank of the book makes it more visible to the general public which is one of my goals. Thanks to everyone who purchased my book! Please leave a review on Amazon if you can.

God Bless


Vaccinated People Spread Covid?

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Nature Journal published an article explaining that vaccinated people can spread the COVID DELTA variant. Facebook will display a “fact check” banner when this scientific fact is mentioned in a post. The only possible reason for this fact check banner is that Facebook is supporting a political narrative regarding COVID. I am not an anti-vaxxer. I have been vaccinated but I believe the truth should not be suppressed for political purposes.

We seem to be experiencing the start of left-wing fascism-style cooperation between large tech companies and leftist politicians. This has been going on for several years and it should be opposed by any American that believes in freedom. Adolf Hitler started his political rise to power using propaganda and any form of propaganda still needs to be opposed today. No one can foresee the end result of the one-sided Facebook propaganda that is taking place right now. Political censorship of scientific information is evil.

Hitler used control of scientific information to make it appear that Jews were inferior human beings and not even human. Average Germans believed this fascist propaganda and allowed the murder of millions of Jews. Scientific information must never be allowed to be manipulated for political gain. Perhaps the current Facebook fascist censorship will not result in the murder of innocent people if it is stopped in time.

Unstable leftist individuals are being spoon-fed fascist vaccine propaganda by social media and most news organizations. Who knows what these unstable individuals may do. I have nothing against the proper use of medical masks and vaccines to stop a pandemic. I do have an objection to telling lies to the public for the purpose of supporting a political agenda. Censorship can have unintended consequences even when the people doing it have the best of intentions.

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