MYSMS app review

Found a great app for texting on all platforms using your regular cell phone number.  The app is called Mysms and it works well.  I currently use it to replace my standard android texting app on my phone and synchronize text messages with my chromebook/tablets.  It has a very small yearly fee but it is well worth it to me because I use my tablets and chromebooks a lot.

CT scans really find every fault.

Had some gloomy results from a CT scan ordered by the oncologist.  If the doctors keep looking hard enough they will probably find out that I have bubonic plague and leprosy too.  Might as well live at the hospital.  At least it gives me some material to add to my next book.  Hopefully everything is easily taken care of quickly but that may be too optimistic.  My immediate treatment plan is not changed due to the CT scan results other than more follow up testing.

1. There are new nodular densities suggested at the lung bases, especially
at the right lung base measuring 7.7 mm. These are nonspecific, but
metastatic disease cannot be excluded. Recommend close followup.
2. Dilated ascending aorta, not definitely changed, but which merits
3. Suspect thyroid nodules which could be assessed with ultrasound.
4. Borderline right hilar and infrahilar lymph nodes, likely unchanged, but
which merit attention on followup.
5. Gallstones, with no definite evidence for acute cholecystitis.
6. Additional findings, as discussed.