My free Craigslist desk designed to entertain a former Engineer and misplaced farm boy.

Glenn’s Low Budget Tech Survival Guide is my FREE ebook designed to help you solve your home technology problems with computers, smart TV’s, dumb TV’s, streaming devices, Printers, Cell Phones, Apps, Software, Alarms, Cooking, Home Repairs, Organization, Gardening and Pets!  Need help configuring a website or publishing an ebook?  Anyone who downloads the free ebook will also be able to access my technical assistance about home Tech via this website by leaving a comment.  Technical assistance is available FREE for a limited time.

I never was a miracle worker but I am a former Engineer who has solved a lot of technical problems.  I have seen a lot of mileage and am not as quick on the draw as today’s young expensive tech guru’s but I am more tenacious than most people at solving the technical problems that bug you.  I have been let go from a few jobs but I have never quit any job once I started.  I have a couple of severe illness that prevent me from doing a lot of work but I may be able to make your tech problems go away if you get my free ebook.  This is my idea of entertainment.

The price is right and you don’t have much to lose except your tech problems. Just go to the following link to download my free ebook.

Glenn’s Low Budget Tech Survival Guide

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