Everybody wants to watch internet video on PS3 and the other computers so I can’t watch HULU tonight because it overloads our internet connection with everybody on it at once.  TV isn’t that bad but HULU is just so much better.  If I had the money, I could upgrade our internet speed but it’s not worth it because I can do something else temporarily.  Lots of times I’m not very mobile because of Crohn’s and about the only thing that I can do is surf the internet or watch a program while laying flat on my back.

Anthony’s on line game really slows the internet connection down but he loves it so much that I give him priority. So now I’m watching 24.2 (The country music video channel) on local broadcast TV and blogging about it.  Cable TV costs more than I can afford but the local digital broadcast channels provide some comparable content.  We switched to 30.1 (local Baptist channel) because the some of the music videos were too offensive.  John Ankerberg is interesting but some of the other programs on VCY are simply not completely logically self consistent.  Christian  Fundamentalism is not all wrong but a strident attitude by some followers of it does not honor Jesus or help with evangelism.


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