Map of South Vietnam in 1967, showing location...Image via WikipediaMy Lai is the Vietnamese village where american soldiers killed civilians.  I had a friend in college who was a South Vietnamese soldier and I talked with him for a significant amount of time about that war.  I occasionally watch films about the war to get an independent perspective outside of his.  My friend fought in the war longer than any american soldier and I believe he needed to talk about his experience.  Some of his opinions were harsh and intense regarding the Viet Cong which is understandable considering his parents were killed by communists.  Few people today would defend the United States involvement in Vietnam or consider it a justifiable war.  My South Vietnamese friend  once made the comment that “he continued to fight, even after the cowardly Americans abandoned the Vietnamese people“.  Most soldiers at My Lai were following orders and they themselves would have been shot if they disobeyed.  I don’t know what I would have done in their shoes but I do not seem to be any different from the soldiers at My Lai.  

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