It is true that we should put our trust in God rather than the military. It is also true that the military does not carry a “sword” without a purpose. My father was a dairy farmer. We had plenty of manure on that farm and we did not have any good machines to take care of it. A Vietnamese friend of mine said our farm was more primitive than farming in Vietnam which really amused me. It would not be amusing if Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons and give them to terrorists. Sometimes it is necessary to clean out the barn before the manure hits the fan. Iran’s leaders are full of manure and represent a problem in reality that needs to be dealt with eventually by someone. Actions are sometimes required to eliminate real world problems. We should pray that we have the wisdom to deal with these problems in the best manner possible. Trust in God does not mean we should stick our head in the sand like an ostrich and let reality bite us.

Netanyahu to Biden: Sanctions are not stopping Iran’s nuclear program – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


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