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The primary danger in mixing politics and religion is that we see our political viewpoint as the only possible viewpoint that God would have us take. This is especially dangerous when we start to make decisions regarding our relations with other nations based on eschatology as I have seen some Christians do.  God gave us a brain and a conscience which we need to use to determine what is right in this world provided we compare it to the Bible.   Modern extra-Biblical revelations from “god” cannot be used to determine what is the right thing to do because they are not from God and we do not live in a theocracy.  I have never participated in or observed any religious experience that imparted any knowledge to the individual that was as good as simple study of the Bible.  Strong emotional religious experiences are many times contrary to what the Bible teaches because people’s desires are really what is coming out.  Our religion clearly needs to interact with politics but most political issues can be decided by common sense and do not need an appeal to divine revelation to arrive at a decision.  

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