Bronchi and bronchioles. The lungs have been w...Image via WikipediaAlthough my lungs do show some evidence of asbestos exposure, it does not seem to be a problem at this time.  They will just watch it as time progresses because there is not much else they can do. I read that there is some research that seems to also link some limited cases of Crohn’s disease with past asbestos exposure but it has never been proven.  My Crohn’s disease seems to be a far bigger problem than my lungs at this time.  The asbestos exposure I had was not direct and heavy but would have consisted primarily of residual asbestos that could probably not have been totally decontaminated at the plant. I think they should demolish that plant and let the area revert back to nature for a few hundred years just to be sure that the asbestos is really cleaned up.  I read someplace that there is only a skeleton crew working there at this time and the building is up for sale.

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