Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...Image via WikipediaI am reading Decision Points by President Bush. He really has a good sense of humor and seems willing to give some of the more negative details of his life along with the positive points.  I’d like to have his Crawford Ranch because it sounds like a great place to live.  He would probably have the highest approval rating of any President if he had not invaded Iraq at all and simply contained it.  His approval ratings after 9/11 and the initial invasion of Afghanistan were high and they probably would have stayed there if not for subsequent problems.  I think his foreign policy was not all bad but his domestic policy was very weak.  The standard Republican mantra policies are not capable of dealing with the real domestic problems in the U.S. although they are not all wrong.  Bush seems to have a simplistic view of domestic policies which are probably due to the way his parents raised him and his early environment.  President Bill Clinton was kind of a jerk but he seemed to have more empathy with the average person than Bush.  Bush’s book seems to show a lack of empathy for anyone outside of his immediate circle of friends.  He seems to live in a bubble but I suppose there is a lot of that going around.

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