Abortion is an important issue for me for religious reasons.  I have seen animals and people die.  It is not a pretty sight and I don’t have the stomach to watch it happen.  Abortion cannot be morally justified when adoption of the child is an option and the mother’s life is not in danger.  If I had the ability to make laws I would not allow a baby to be killed by abortion unless it was necessary to save the mothers life.

I read recently that some professional people have been advocating that parents should have the right to kill their babies even after they are born if they want to.  This is a logical progression for people who believe in abortion and yet most Pro-choice people do not take this obvious step in their thinking.  Why not?

I do not think that abortion can be eliminated in the near future due to the political reality in the United States.  Abortion is one of the few issues that I disagree on with President Obama.  Republicans simply lack the political capability to outlaw abortion and they also have blood on their hands for different reasons.  Unfortunately, this is the real world so it is necessary to make the best choice possible.  


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