I finally completed my first good glass bottle artwork.  It is a glass planter made from wine bottles which I will give to somebody as a gift.  It is not terribly impressive but it makes me happy.  The purpose of making the planter was more to relax me.  I can work with the glass when I feel good enough to do something and I can let it sit when I feel ill.  Glass never goes bad by just leaving it sit around.

My thirty year old Dremel seemed to be up to the challenge of smoothing out the sharp edges if you use the correct bits.  I really need a multiple speed Dremel with more expensive bits if I ever want to truly make a smooth glass edge but the old Dremel didn’t do real bad.

I like to collect power tools.  I really don’t use them that much but I think they are fun to mess around with and look at.  The old Dremel is finally getting the work out of its life after sitting in a tool box unused for about 15 years.  I probably would have used the Dremel more but I just couldn’t find it for 15 years after moving.


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