Froedtert Hospital

The nurses at Froedtert are great. I go there every week at the GI clinic and its actually very pleasant.

I am still trying to get the WIFI on my kindle working in the hospital however. There seems to be a minor bug between Froedtert and my kindle. I have a new third party browser now so I may have more success with the WIFI there. Maybe I was doing something wrong although that would be a rare occurrence.

The food at Froedtert is not bad. My taste is simple but I like what they have. The tax on soda is an arrogant ripoff but I don’t think anything can be done about it.

The Doctors seem to know what they are doing or I would probably be dead. They certainly are better than the Doctors I had in Illinois years ago. I didn’t have a good time at the ER a while back but my symptoms were a little deceptive so I can’t blame them for giving me the full heart attack treatment.

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