Back Row Baptist

I went to a Church service today and my family sat in the back row.  Some man came up to us and said that the Pastor at the Church hated “Back Row Baptists”.  How unfortunate that this misguided person had to spoil an excellent Church service.  I hope and pray that he gets a little closer to Jesus before he ruins the services for other people.


2 thoughts on “Back Row Baptist

  1. Do you think it’s at all possible, that you misinterpreted his meaning? Maybe he wanted you to be a part of the service, and couldn’t think of the right words to say? I mean seriously, a preacher is way super busy around the holidays, and his wife has probably been spending all of his money again on loads of presents, because you know, Jesus commanded us to buy lots of stuff for our friends. So maybe he was trying to be really nice and invite you closer, but he was angry about something else, and the wrong words came out in the wrong way.

    Remember: Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.


    1. The preacher is alright with me and I don’t think this is something he would have said. The problem is that it was simply unnecessary and negative. I am sure the person who spoke thought he was being nice but we all found it to be upsetting. My family was so upset that they don’t even want to go back to that service again. I like to sit in the back because I have Crohn’s disease and I may need to suddenly rush to the bathroom. I have noticed a tendency in some Baptist’s to be extremely rigid in their personal behaviors and they try to force everyone to fit like a cookie cutter. That cookie cutter may be great for them but it turns off a certain percentage of people. Ritualistic behavior is easy to adopt but I feel free to disagree with it if it is not mandated by the Bible. I am probably a little bit too disagreeable. Visitors to a Church should not feel obligated to suddenly adopt a behavior unless it is mandated by the Bible and they may simply be turned off for a reason that is completely unneeded. I did notice that this particular service time was sparsely attended and I would rather be in a service stuffed full with lots of people.

      I also have bigger fish to fry in my personal life but it would have been refreshing to simply attend the service without this incident. I don’t get enough of Jesus in my rather weak Christian walk so I need a good Church service without distractions.


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