Federally-supported gun violence intervention ...
Federally-supported gun violence intervention program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel sorry for all of the people that have been hurt by the recent gun violence.  Nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one.

My family doesn’t own any guns because we would probably shoot each other with them.  There may be some additional gun laws that may prevent similar tragedies in the future but you really can’t always stop  a determined nut case from killing people. We have a large country with different regional gun related situations and a strong tradition of gun ownership in many areas of the country.  Part of the reason that our military dominates the world is that we have citizens that grew up knowing how to handle a gun as a youth.  Other countries that have little gun violence are typically very small when physically compared to our country and they do not have large essentially open borders.  The USA militarily maintains much of the peace in the world and other countries are incapable of doing that due to their culture or size.  In the real world, a rogue state or a criminal will only respect you if you can stop them from attacking you.  In many cases it takes a gun to obtain that respect.

Jesus didn’t need a sword because it was his duty to be crucified and not to fight back. There is a time and place to use a sword or gun to defend yourself or others on this earth because it is not heaven.  I think some types of gun control in the USA are necessary and there may be some additional rules that may be appropriate but knee jerk reaction laws in response to a horrible tragedy may go too far.

I think gun laws like they have Japan or Great Britain are not appropriate to the United States.  A ban on “assault style” weapons is just a liberal feel good law that will not prevent any killings because external appearances are not what makes a gun deadly.  A ban on the making of new large capacity magazines for semi-automatic weapons may be worth looking at because this is what makes a gun capable of killing large numbers of people quickly.  Fully automatic weapons were banned for this reason.  It is possible to improve mental health insurance coverage in this country but making government lists of mentally ill people can become a slippery slope that allows anyone to be declared mentally unfit for anything. Even the NRA‘s suggestion of putting armed guards in schools is not without merit particularly for larger concentrations of vulnerable students.  Other policy changes may be needed but it will take smarter people than me to figure out what will help.  Different regions in our country will require different laws.  Unfortunately our politicians usually get it wrong and nationally enforced laws may set precedents that are dangerous to our personal liberties in the long run.


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