Schools should only be voucher funded.

Parents should have the right to choose which school their child attends. The Milwaukee public school system is an example of the current system of public education and it has some issues. The freedom to teach parent approved ethics, morality and religion should take precedence over any other subjects. A total voucher system is the only way to achieve true freedom in education.

Education experts have their place and some of them are good people. However, many of them simply don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and that is why much of public education has so many problems. Parental free school choice combined with school competition for students would force schools to evolve into acceptable systems.

Students with severe disabilities are not served well by most of the current public schools. Additional voucher money should be allocated for special needs students. Teachers need to have sufficient and equal pay especially in voucher schools. The current educational financial structure has enough money to pay teachers well and a financial structure based on vouchers should pay them at least as much in all areas.

Some of the current schools are excellent and there are many good individual teachers but increased free competition would produce improved choices for parents. Increasing money spent on a failed system will not improve it. Parents should be the ones to decide how their tax dollars are spent on their own children’s education. Competition and freedom to choose will only increase the richness and diversity of our society.


2 thoughts on “Schools should only be voucher funded.

  1. I agree completely!!!
    If Muslim terrorists want to teach their children how to hate and how to make bombs, those parents MUST have the right to do so!!!


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