Trayvon Martin

It is a tragedy that Trayvon died.  I wasn’t there when he was shot and all I know is what the news media says. Zimmerman was stupid and he probably should be found guilty of some type of crime but he was found innocent by a jury instead.  I don’t think it will bring Trayvon back from the dead even if we execute Zimmerman by mob hanging.  I think it is appropriate to prevent Zimmerman from making a financial profit from his story by initiating a civil lawsuit if needed. Any money should go to Trayvon’s family even though it can never make up for his loss.  I disagree with the idea of  a civil rights case against Zimmerman by the federal government now that he has been found innocent by a jury trial because it would be double jeopardy.  If you can’t convict a person once then what is to prevent future politically appointed attorney generals from using this technique to please the mob of the moment.

I personally believe that we will all stand before God when we die and receive our just punishment or rewards.  Zimmerman will die eventually and I think God is a fair and impartial judge.  A mob committing violence against other people in Trayvon’s name and damaging property does not honor the memory of Trayvon or do anyone else any good.



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