Hate Speech Crimes?

I Hate The Way They Scream ... 2 men found wit...
I Hate The Way They Scream … 2 men found with 332 illegal lobsters – Monroe County, Florida (Posted on Wednesday, 09.19.12) …item 2.. Talking Heads – Little Creatures (Full Album) … (Photo credit: marsmet526)


Making “Hate Speech” a crime is a good idea as long as I am the only person that gets to define it in a court of law. I feel that I am the perfect arbitrator for this job. ….. Defining hate speech is a slippery slope that allows the current people in power to stop free speech.  Many books, including the Bible, could be considered hate speech when certain passages are read publicly out of context. It is better to argue against a hate speech idea by giving the opposing viewpoint. Hate speech laws seem safe until someone with evil intentions gets the power to interperate them. The arguments of slavery abolitionists could easily have been viewed as hate speech by those in favor of slavery at the time. Making speech a crime is just to convenient for law enforcement with ulterior motives.


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