Is God fair and loving to all people ?

Life is short and cruel to many people around the world. The God I serve would not condemn a young child to an eternal hell because the child died without a missionary reaching him first with the knowledge of Jesus atoning death upon the cross.  God does not explain everything he does but he does say he loved us while we were yet sinners. God is capable of forgiving sin without human intervention and I have confidence that he will do what is right in every case.

Many of the problems created by religion are caused by religious leaders using fear and intimidation to make people conform to their wishes. It is too easy to use the Bible as an artificial threat to make people do what you want them to do.  This gives atheist’s plenty of ammunition because they hate the Bible and don’t want to admit that their own conscience is convicting them of sin in their lives. Sin is not an artificial problem imposed by archaic religious dogma.  Sin is what causes the very real problems in our world.  Everyone sins and we all know we do because our conscience convicts us.  Accepting Jesus is the only answer that will ever give a person a clear conscience.



One thought on “Is God fair and loving to all people ?

  1. This is so very true, and I agree that there’s way too much religion controlling the hearts of man and not enough of Jesus abiding in mankind’s heart. God’s grace is beyond our understanding. God would never send a young child to eternal hell, because he or she never heard the gospel. God bless!


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