Mammoth Burgers will be hot during the coming Ice Age.

What Killed Off the Woolly Mammoths?

I bet Mammoths tasted good because humans ate so many of them that we made them extinct. The earth is going into a new ice age caused by climate change so we need to adapt to it. Cloning mammoths is the obvious answer to future world food shortages caused by climate change. Mammoths fed our ancestors for thousands of years and they can feed us in a climate ravaged future. More parts of our earth are going to look like Siberia just like it shows in the movie “The Day After”. After climate change settles down people will still need a good burger and modern cows will just not be able to thrive in the new climate. I would like to make a fast food mammoth burger joint called Mammoth Burgers.

I would harvest cloned Mammoths raised in areas made inhospitible by climate change. I bet I could buy the mammoth ranch land cheap because no one could live or farm there. My children may have to complete this large project without me unless we can accelerate climate change like it shows in the movie.

In areas of the earth that heat up due to climate change, I recommend we clone and raise extinct mega-camels. Camels may not taste as good as Mammoths so the new burger joint may have to mix the meats or come up with a special sauce to cover up the camel flavor. Perhaps we can make people believe that camels are good for them. After all people still smoke camel cigarettes because of advertising and those things actually kill you. People will accept anything as real if you just tell them it’s real enough times.


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