Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church...
Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vince Gill confronts Westboro Baptist protesters

The Westboro Baptist group shows what can happen when a religious group becomes isolated from society. These cults develop strong emotional positions that are not based on reality and they are dangerous. Fortunately this group hasn’t actually physically hurt anyone yet but I bet that’s next. They are not representative of average Baptists. I would not consider myself a perfect Baptist but I do attend a Baptist Church because it’s doctrines are the closest thing I can find to the words of Jesus. The Church I attend would never take part in the poisonous actions of Westboro Baptist except to condemn them. The members of Westboro Baptist do not know Jesus or the meaning of his words. I have seen other religious groups use Jesus words for the purpose of advancing their own agenda’s. The book of Revelation says that God will say to some “Depart from me,.. I  never knew you.”


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