BBC News – Putin’s jabs strike home

With friends like Putin, our President doesn’t need additional enemies. Russia’s offer of diplomacy did give Obama a way out of immediate war and that’s a good thing .  Some of the points in Putin’s opinion article are almost reasonable but his derogatory manner is more reminiscent of the early cold war communists. We need to publicly pursue this Russian diplomatic opportunity but also work with local allies to develop a credible military response capability.  Turkey, Jordan and Israel are local military forces that have their own national interests in the Syrian conflict and some of their interests coincide with the interests of the United States. The rebels may have been infiltrated by terrorists as Putin implies so we need to be very careful which rebel group we support. Our goal should be a peaceful Syria without chemical weapons or terrorists. We can’t achieve that goal without political and military support from regional allies who are willing to do a little military cooperation.


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