Christian Paleontologist

Robert Bakker is a respected paleontologist who sees no conflict between science and Christianity. Neither science nor Christianity is going to go extinct. Atheists like Dawkins are living in a dream world when they say that atheism is slowly winning. Atheism offers people no reason to hope or love. Christianity has those two items covered. People are attracted to science and Christianity but are not attracted to the negative sterility of atheism. Combining good science with a Christian world view is the future. Robert Bakker is just one example of the future of science.

Attempts at destroying all religion are simply barking up the wrong tree. Atheism can only marginally survive in an artificial academic bubble but it can’t seem to gain wide spread acceptance without coercion . The old Soviet Union tried to enforce atheism in all aspects of life but was unsuccessful even with the full force of the state. Modern Russia now has plenty of religion and atheism is a weak political force.


One thought on “Christian Paleontologist

  1. Atheism is not what atheists believe, it’s a description of the one thing they don’t believe. Atheists are free to agree or disagree with any claim, philosophy, point of view etc they want. Atheists are free to love, live, hope, dream and whatever they want. Look at the songs of john lennon like “imagine” or the show star trek, both of which were created by atheists to promote the idea of a post-war, post-racism, post-poverty post-bullshit world. Or anything any atheist has said, atheists hope for a better tomorrow and care about their fellow human beings.

    It’s nonsense that we need a reason to do so. You need a reason to care about people? Really? Because I can’t help doing so.

    As for theism going extinct or atheism “winning” if the dogmatic, authoritarian, fear and indoctrination-based religion of the world were replaced with really anything that is amenable to reason I would be happy, I honestly don’t care what it is. Just so long as we can talk about it and discuss it and people are free, both in their culture and according to the law but more importantly emotionally within themselves, free to question it. As long as we have that we’ll do just fine.


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