Fun with Crohn’s Disease !

I have had Crohn’s related sores on the side of my body and legs for many years. The damn things hurt and they are starting to hurt more. The seem to be spreading out a little but they always have come in waves that go away during past episodes. If you brush the sores against something by accident they radiate a deep pain. I have told Doctors and Nurses about them but the only treatment seems to be using a special surgical soap. I have tested the surgical soap and it doesn’t work any better than any other type of soap.  The sores seem to just appear and stay for as long as they like, then they suddenly disappear for a period of time. As long as the sores go away I can’t really complain because I have seen the horrible Crohn’s sores on Wikipedia that other patients have. I am trying to keep this a positive post so I will not put any of those lovely pictures on this blog at this time.


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