Private schools should be voucher funded in the U.S. just like Sweden funds schools.

Parents should have the freedom to choose a private school for their children which is paid for by government vouchers just like they do in Sweden.

“In Sweden, pupils are free to choose a private school and the private school gets paid the same amount as municipal schools. Over 10% of Swedish pupils were enrolled in private schools in 2008. Sweden is internationally known for this innovative school voucher model that provides Swedish pupils with the opportunity to choose the school they prefer.[9][10][11][12][13] For instance, the biggest school chain, Kunskapsskolan (“The Knowledge School”), offers 30 schools and a web-based environment, has 700 employees and teaches nearly 10,000 pupils.[9]

The Swedish system has been recommended to Barack Obama.[14]” Wikipedia

This freedom to choose a quality school for your child would only improve the U.S. educational system. Eventually I suspect most of the current U.S. educational system would change over quickly to a voucher system if parents had this choice available.

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