Pain in the @$$ from Crohn ‘s disease.

The good news is that I still have a working G.I. tract.  The bad news is that I have some extreme pain right where it can hurt the most. I have determined that doctors are fairly useless when trying to heal this pain but it can be mitigated with tramadol and tronolane combined. I suspect part of the pains cause is all the other medications I take but I can’t prove it .  Doctors can’t see any cause for this pain and most of them think I’m nuts anyways.
I have a lot of other pain the doctors can’t explain but this one is the worse. Some doctors do their best but that still doesn’t get rid of this pain. The alternatives will probably get worse as time progresses. The only way to be without any pain is to die and I’m not quite ready for that yet. A Pentecostal minister once told me that death was the ultimate healing for a Christian. I think the fellow had a screw loose. Resurrection from the dead by Christ would seem to be a better healing to me.

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