Complex Christian Theology

Is it possible for any human other than Jesus to fully understand God’s theology?  Does the Bible contain everything known by God?

Some people confidently assert that other people are going to hell because they have a difference in theology. God does not pay me to condemn people to hell.  Hatred of other people and pride in our own beliefs is a very convenient excuse to condemn another person to a high temperature final and permanent destination. The Bible says that “God is not willing that any should perish…” and that “Nothing is impossible with God”.  The Bible also says that God will condemn unrepentant sinners to hell.

Christians have been commissioned to make Christian disciples of all nations but ultimately God must be considered responsible for the achievement of this commission and he is not fallible. I do not consider any denomination to have an absolute grasp on the entirety of God’s thinking because all of them have subjective interpretation of the Bible and God is greater than just what he has revealed to humans.

I do know I will not be condemning anyone to any eternal destination of hell.  The Bible is the only dependable information that humans have concerning God but God can’t be limited to the Bible because the Bible is finite and human interpretation is fallible.  I am willing to trust God that he will always do the right thing.

Complex discussion of the fine points of Christian theology may provide entertainment for the participants but it doesn’t really bring anyone closer to God.  The easiest words to understand in the Bible are those that came directly from the mouth of Jesus in the Gospels.   It is simple to read his recorded words and understand basic Christian theology. A complete rejection of his words with full understanding of who he is would be the only path to hell that I could envision.


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