Homosexual Marriage in Wisconsin

I believe that homosexuals should be allowed to marry in Wisconsin. The Bible specifies many things as sin that are still legal in the USA.  It is not possible to stop adult people from having sex by making it illegal so why waste your time trying to make it illegal. What does it achieve to stop homosexuals from signing a document at a courthouse that says they have a secular marriage ? Any church that conducts such ceremonies is in direct contradiction to the Bible and you should not attend it if you accept the Bible as God’s word.

There is not any method to change a person from a homosexual into a heterosexual. Jesus is not a method, he is a person. Secular attempts at changing a homosexual are stupid. Every person is guilty of sin according to the Bible and the only method of obtaining forgiveness is to ask for it from God. You can’t force someone to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Ancient Rome had plenty of public homosexuality and it lasted quite a while. It wasn’t always a pretty society that I would have enjoyed living in but it functioned and was powerful. Jesus ministry lasted only a few years and then Roman authorities crucified him. That should have been the end of Jesus according to Rome but he rose from the dead. Today very few people care about the Roman empire but there are billions of people who worship Jesus. Should we care more about the current secular government or should we get right with Jesus? We do not live in a theocracy on this earth. We will all answer for our sins when we meet God and all of the legislation of our little governments just won’t be that important at that time.


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