Cat Attack!

Our 18 year old cat Carmen stole a whole raw steak and ate it. It’s not like we can even buy steak that often and then a voracious cat has to take it out of its plastic package before we can even cook it. Really pretty impressive feat for the old girl. My son was telling us that Carmen had a huge piece of meat but none of realized the full accuracy of the situation because we were putting the other food away after shopping. Carmen needs thyroid pills to stay alive which aren’t exactly cheap. My deceased grandfather on the farm would have long since had a shotgun accident with this cat but unfortunately I am not inclined to be like him in nature. Dam cat just doesn’t go peacefully into that good night and it’s stealing my food to boot.  I still love to be around cats more than I enjoy the company of most people and Carmen does have her redeeming qualities. I was planning to eat that steak tomorrow. Sigh 😦


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