No more flying on small planes for me!

English: Emergency landing sign. Found on safe...
English: Emergency landing sign. Found on safety booklets on commercial planes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to work at a place where it was necessary to fly on small planes with the president of the  company flying the plane.  He did know how to fly the plane but I was not impressed with his attitude towards being safe, especially since my life depended on it.  He would tell me to watch for airplanes while he slept at the controls and he had an alarm clock installed in the control panel to wake him up if he was flying alone.  I was told about an incident where he ran out of gas and had to do an emergency landing. Another time he clipped a power line due to overloading the plan and had to emergency land.  I heard him personally mention an incident where it was necessary for him to scrap the ice off the wind shield while flying because he was in a hurry and insisted on going through bad weather.

I suppose if I wouldn’t have gotten into the airplane they may not have paid me so my greed was greater than my fright at his shenanigans.  I did have a family to feed though.  Who knows, maybe major airline pilots act the same way and we just can’t see them.  At least on major airlines you can get a bag of peanuts and there is a rest room.



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