My favorite Bible quote is:

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation”

Someone gave me a copy of this verse during my confirmation at a Church when I was a teenager. I later came to reject some of that denominations Biblical interpretations but I still believe that many of their teachings were accurate. I don’t believe there is any human being on this earth that totally understands and accurately teaches everything in the Bible. We are fallible finite beings dealing with information supplied by an infinite God and we make mistakes. However, Jesus basic teachings of the New Testament can easily be understood and accepted by anyone with basic reasoning capability without the need for a doctorate in religion from a university. Jesus did not come to judge us on our intellectual understanding of difficult passages of scripture although there is plenty of material that we should study for our own benefit.

I believe the Bible contains everything mankind needs to know about God at this time. It is apparent that God knows more than what is contained in the Bible and I think he will make more information available to us at the right time. I am willing to trust him.


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