My Garden 2016

2016 Puffball Mushroom in my garden

I consider this puffball mushroom to be symbolic of my 2016 garden. A combination of Crohn’s disease and other severe demands on my time made it impossible to do much gardening.  I have a few small fruit trees/bushes growing merrily along without my help but any type of real vegetable garden was simply beyond my capabilities.  The squirrels and rabbits are an ever constant menace to the trees and bushes.  A little circle of plastic hardware cloth around the plants seems to work well for protecting them from the ravages of these little rodents.

I experimented with modifying glass bottles to make planters for herbs and succulents.  I may be able to convert this idea into a very small hobby business but it is primarily for the purpose of providing me with relaxation so I don’t go completely insane.  I plan to eventually make a facebook page and link it to this blog so that others may share the joy of making crafts from old bottles. Some of my family obligations requiring great investments of my time appear to be dwindling so perhaps I may finally be able to actually do something I enjoy.  My former Crohn’s nurse at Froedtert Hospital used to bring me various types of empty wine bottles and other bottles to my weekly appointments for my use which was really nice of her. I now have a garage stuffed with bottles that I plan to use for the creation of planters and other craft projects. I can always give them away as presents if no one will buy them but I think the final products will be quite nice. My work speed is ultra slow because of Crohn’s interference but eventually I am able to make something pretty.

My plan is to eventually make a raised bed veggie garden, succulent garden and maintain the production of my fruit trees.  Unfortunately there is a lot of shade in my garden because of the gigantic hardwood trees which tower over everything.  These large trees really need a severe branch trimming as soon as possible.  On the other hand the shade allows the giant puffball mushrooms to flourish in an unhindered manner.  My native american neighbor said the puffballs are great to eat when they are young as long as you don’t get them mixed up with the Death Angel mushroom.  I decided not to risk eating one because the term Death Angel didn’t make be feel comfortable and no one in my family was willing to test them for me after I explained the situation.  The shade producing branches have got to go somehow.

We used to have a gigantic garden on the dairy farm where I grew up near Theresa, WI.  I really used to enjoy strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes and cucumbers in great abundance.  Our farm and garden were even organic but I never realized at that time. I just liked to eat the produce because it tasted better than candy.  Supermarket produce simply can’t compare to the taste of what my mother produced in her organic garden.


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