Pain Medications


via Neanderthal used ‘aspirin’ for tooth pain: study

Scientists believe that Neanderthal man made and used a type of aspirin for pain relief. I think that is fairly impressive for people with limited technology.

My father used to take aspirin for headaches almost every day.  I probably gave him half his headaches. Aspirin and Ibuprofen are wonderful pain relievers and I would love to make use of them.  Unfortunately I can’t take either one because  I will bleed out due to Crohn’s disease if I take NSAIDs.  I take a combination of Tylenol and the mild prescription opiate Tramadol to avoid going insane and snapping at people when I have Crohn’s related issues.  Tramadol seems to deaden your feeling to sharp intense pain  but it does make me a little sleepy if I take it at the same time as my other medications.  I avoid driving any distance when I take Tramadol because it tends to make me a little too relaxed to drive.  Also, you need to be careful not to take too much of Tramadol because it can kill you but so can many other medications if taken incorrectly.

There is currently a heroin epidemic in Milwaukee and many other areas. Apparently, many people began their heroin addiction by abusing prescription opiate related drugs. The solution to the problem that the politicians are starting to consider is to make it more difficult for doctors to prescribe these types of medications to their patients because then they will never develop heroin addiction.  That’s a great solution to prevent heroin addiction unless you are the person who needs the medication constantly for a permanent disease and is now going to be forced to jump through hoops to get your medication.

Politicians should leave medical prescription decisions to doctors until such time as they get a medical license.   So far I haven’t had to jump through too many hoops to get Tramadol other than showing my driver’s license and delivering a script in person rather than having it automatically sent.  I believe that other states have more severe hoops to jump through so I hope that doesn’t become the solution here.  I would recommend giving doctors guidelines to follow rather than forcing all patients into some little box of restrictive laws so that their lives are inconvenienced.

Tramadol has made quite an improvement in my lifestyle capabilities since the doctors prescribed it to me.  Sometimes I actually get to sleep an entire night without being  stabbed awake with some type of sharp pain.  I have been taking it for many years and so far I haven’t had any sudden urges to use heroin.  Not that we shouldn’t help heroin addicts but I don’t believe any laws made by politicians are really going to stop people from using heroin.



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