DIY Tip Genius – Family Handyman – App Review

DIY Tip Genius


The DIY Tip Genius is a useful app but it has a few bugs.  The app has a lot of practical DIY ideas that you can use especially if you were not fortunate enough to have a parent/mentor train you when you were young.  I find it useful even though I have seen some reviews which said it stated obvious ideas too frequently.  Just because something is obvious to you doesn’t mean everyone will think of it by themselves.  I grew up on a dairy farm which taught me about certain types of equipment and tools at a very young age but this app has many ideas which deal with subjects that my early DIY upbringing wasn’t really concerned about.  Even on the farm, some of the ideas in this app would have been useful and saved money.

Everyone probably has a coffee can full of left over fasteners and parts.  The app gives some good ideas of how to cut various leftover containers to size for different types of uses in the shop.  I have seen people spend thousands of dollars on new containers for this purpose and thought to myself, what a waste!  I suppose if you have money to burn and are concerned about how beautiful your shop looks it might justify spending big bucks on a tub for nails but that wouldn’t be my first choice of where to spend my money.

People spend a lot of money on ambient air filtration equipment for their shop.  Using a box fan with an attached furnace filter  and a few related ideas can work just as well in many shop applications.

I downloaded this app from the Google Play store onto a Galaxy Grand prime cell phone and all features worked great for a while.  It was an excellent way to kill time while I am doing my endless waiting for other people.  Unfortunately the latest update developed some bugs. The search function, favorites and main menu simply no longer work right.  I can still use the app but I need to use it in a more manual mode like reading a book.  Can you please fix your app Family Handyman Magazine?

The basic app is free but they do charge you a small fee if you want to upgrade to the pro version which is worth it in my opinion.  The app is constantly updated so it always has something worth reading.     Unfortunately for me it can’t be loaded directly on an Amazon Fire tablet and must be side loaded. The latest version of the Fire tablets does have a way to put on the Google Playstore which solves this problem. There is also an Apple version for those people so inclined.

This app has saved me time and money so I would say it’s a keeper. The bugs may not show up if you have a later model android cell phone or an apple cell phone.  If you are experiencing any bugs make sure you email or call the help line given in the app.  I would like to see this one fixed.


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