via WHO: Coffee Is Good For You – The Atlantic

I really like coffee so I’m glad the World Health Organization (WHO) finally got something right and said coffee is good for you.  When I used to travel for work and the company paid for my food I would indulge in some of the slightly more sophisticated coffee offerings.  Currently I’m happy if I have enough time to make myself some Maxwell house in the morning. WHO says that coffee may prevent cancer!  I didn’t even need that justification for indulging twice daily in this liquid ambrosia but its nice to know.

I’m not really in good health but I attribute most of that to Crohn’s disease and only a small amount to lifestyle.  This may not be entirely accurate but the thought makes me feel justified in enjoying a little coffee.  My lifestyle would be a lot more active anyways if I wasn’t a Crohny.  I figure that its a fairly good bet that I will die someday so I might as well enjoy a little food and drink while I still have a GI tract.  A cup of coffee with some flavored creamer is definitely on my To Do list every day.

In the distant past, while I was working alone in Ft Worth at the Dannon Yogurt plant I enjoyed stopping at the local coffee shop when I had the chance. I worked a combination of half days and whole days as required back then.  A half day is 12 hours long and a whole day is 24 hours.  I also ate at the same relatively expensive Cowboy/Surf themed restaurant every night dressed in my best dairy uniform with my name on the shirt.  The waiter figured out I was coming there every night at the same time so they were prepared for me.  I wasn’t quite dressed the same way as the rest of the clientele so they always ushered me over to a table in the darkest corner away from their average patron.

Since I wasn’t paying for it, I always ordered filet mignon with a shrimp gumbo soup at this restaurant.  One day they just started bringing me my usual even before I had ordered.  I was a little surprised when they simply put the food on my table so quickly without any input from me.  I had been considering changing my order that day but I didn’t have the heart to tell the waiter I didn’t want what he was bringing me.  I believe if I ate the same thing right now I would probably need a trip to a hospital at least.

When I have to pay for things myself, I choose McDonald’s coffee rather than Starbucks or I would soon run out of spending cash. They had a good group of engineers working at Dannon back then.  They worked long hours but they also liked to party a little.  Some of them kept inviting me to go to a local nude bar with them and engage in general debauchery but I had to decline.  I don’t drink alcohol and the bar probably didn’t even serve good coffee.  Also, I’m sure my wife wouldn’t have appreciated me going to these types of activities.

I was working there seven days a week for a while and one day the cheapskates said they couldn’t pay for the double time on Sundays and that there wasn’t enough time for me to fly home to Illinois for the weekend.  They asked me if I wanted to work for free on Sunday to help finish the project.  I declined this request and slept instead.  I may have enjoyed the work but I don’t work for free.

Now my activities are more limited in nature because of Crohn’s but I still enjoy a good cup of coffee.  I can now drink coffee for enjoyment rather than as an emergency anti-sleep aid.  Its too bad I don’t have an unlimited budget of someone else’s money to spend on fancy coffee like I did at Ft Worth but that’s OK.  Maxwell house with a creamer is still pretty good.



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