Boost Mobile is the best cell phone service in my opinion…


AT&T and US Cellular have some things I don’t like about their cell phone services as compared to Boost Mobile.  I don’t like spending one dime more than I need to for cell phone services and I want perfect service.  Boost mobile has enough types of phones and different plans to suit any price range and need.  I like their unlimited plan using a good android cell phone for the best value but there are many options available.  The unlimited plan drops to a lower bandwidth speed after the higher bandwidth is used up for the month but you never get charged extra for exceeding your data usage.  This is important to me because I am the primary hog of data in our household and I don’t like big bills especially when they are my fault.

I have used AT&T and US Cellular and unfortunately I can’t change to Boost mobile  yet because I still have an unbreakable contract with one of them.  Two of my close relatives have Boost mobile with unlimited voice, text and data but guess what, they are not under any contract.   All they have to do is pay their bill every month without any long term obligation.  What happens if they don’t pay their bill on time?  They don’t have to pay any extra fee’s to get restarted but their cell service will be shut off until they pay the normal regular fee.  There is an automatic payment option so there is no real danger of missing a payment unless you happen to be broke.

My relatives pay less for unlimited Boost mobile service than I do for a very limited amount of data which starts charging you viciously if you exceed it.  That really hurts my whole sense of self worth.  Worst of all, Boost mobile coverage works everywhere I go (Hartford, Oconomowoc, Wauwatosa, etc) so I can’t even claim that I have superior service to justify the high price I pay for service.  The only solution for me is to admit I picked the wrong carrier and switch as soon as my contract is up.


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