Colonoscopy Day Today so lets cut off some polyps…..

IMG_0007.JPG ….Crohn’s disease is an opportunity to learn all about colonoscopies because you get to have them all the time even when you don’t want them.  They are especially memorable when the anesthesia is not quite right and you are basically awake for the entire procedure like happened to me a few years ago.  Hopefully, these doctors at Grafton Hospital got their act  together and there is no repeat of that type of entertainment.  They always say the prep is the worst part and that is generally correct unless you are sick for a week afterwards like happens to me just about every time but maybe not for this procedure.   Hopefully, they just snip off a few polyps and that’s it.  Unfortunately, the surgeons always like to cut out a piece of my large intestine in a later procedure because it is beginning to constrict near the small intestine and I am starting to run out of colon to slice up.  Maybe not today but the final end result when you run out of large intestine aren’t that pretty.

There are worse things than Crohn’s disease.  During my first surgery many years ago they told me I had cancer before the surgery which turned out to be false.  When I finally gained something resembling consciousness a nurse told me I had Crohn’s disease.  My response was “What’s that?”.  She said the doctor will explain it and walked away quickly.  I have gone many years without any really bad surgeries that would affect my lifestyle in a permanently negative manner so I hope that streak continues after this procedure.  Long stretches of taking Humira, Remicade and other medicines may have kept my guts in better shape than people used to fare without these medications.


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