Colonoscopy is over !

IMG_20150612_105419…..Not real bad results and everything went easily.  Grafton Hospital is pretty good.  Doesn’t look like any major surgeries for Crohn’s are in the near future which is a very good thing from my point of view.  Some issues but these may be delayed by escalating the dosing of Remicade from eight weeks to six weeks if my insurance approves.   Insurance company will not like that but life is tough in the insurance business.  Just hope their money holds out.

The major point is no big surgery for me, at least right away.  No alterations to my lifestyle from Crohn’s are imminent so I’m happy.  Delay is the name of the game in Crohn’s because it is a slow acting disease usually.  Everyone’s case of Crohn’s is different so Remicade is not always the answer for everyone but it seems to be helping me even though its expensive.  Ultimately, we all die from something so I figure if I can keep my quality of life for a longer period of time that is a win.  The only complete cure I know of for Crohn’s is death.  It’s more important to get straight with Jesus for the real long run after I no longer have Crohn’s disease.


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