Russian bombers fly near Alaska; Air Force scrambles jets | Fox News.

<Do you think Putin is afraid of U.S. rhetoric ?  ghs>   bombers fly near Alaska; Air Force scrambles jets | Fox News.

Somehow I don’t believe Putin is afraid of the U.S. in spite of Obama threatening Russia with a cyber war a few months ago and even with our new President Trump now in office. Putin used to run the KGB and he still kills people that give him problems. Our last President was a community organizer and our current one was a game show host.  Putin is an experienced cold blooded killer with a real world military and he is beyond our capability to put in prison, execute or control. We have a military also but we are constrained by morality. Putin does not have a morality based on mere words that constrain his actions.

Our leaders need to learn to not insult Russia because it serves no good purpose. The only thing Putin respects is what we do in the real world to contain him. It was inappropriate of Obama to threaten Russia with cyber warfare when he was President. Why tell your opponent what you intend to do unless you think Putin has no guts and a few lines of computer code scare him. Putin probably looks at a little open cyber war as a political opportunity and he doesn’t care about what type of turmoil it causes. Hopefully, Trump will not repeat these types of foolish statements because stupid talk could just lead to blood being spilled in the real world.

We should use all cyber warfare resources at our disposal to contain any amoral actions by Russia but Trump should smile and shake Putin’s hand at the same time. It is unproductive to offend Putin’s pride. Offended pride usually makes killers do bad things that require corrective action. We need to contain Russian military and political power expansion for the common good but we should minimize any type of body count.  It is better to use a quiet computer keyboard rather than a loud bloody bullet whenever possible.

Our military needs to be capable of defeating any country in any type of fight and I believe it can do that job if our political leadership stops giving public hints about our actions to our enemies. Hopefully we won’t be put to the test. At the same time, we should always make an attempt to convert adversaries into allies even if the chances are bleak. Our enemies may be persuaded that it is easier to be our friend rather than our enemy.


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