How to Prevent Crohn’s Disease … article review.

Dr Mercola’s website has a lot of good information about Crohn’s disease and general health.  True prevention of Crohn’s is difficult because the exact cause is not clearly understood as Dr Mercola says in the article link at the end of this post. Your medical condition is unique and you should follow the advise of your doctor but you could mention the ideas on Dr Mercola’s website to your doctor.

I have had some lousy doctors and some fantastic doctors for Crohn’s.  My first doctor for Crohn’s symptoms had no clue what I had. After many horrible tests he concluded my best treatment option was to go on a vacation from a stressful job and practice yoga. The problem was totally in my head according to him. Let me say that I have nothing against vacations or yoga.

Finally the pain in my gut got so bad one day that I went straight to his office and told him I was going to die right there in front of him. He proceeded to poke his hand in my belly and I then insisted he send me to a hospital at once. He asked me if I wanted a Taxi, Ambulance or if I wanted to drive. Reeling in pain I managed to mumble that a taxi would probably be OK.

I was unable to get out of the taxi so someone must have wheeled me into the ER. They did some tests and said they thought I had cancer. Surgery was indicated. I didn’t care about any of that until they gave me some morphine so I could tolerate the pain. Sounded pretty bad to me after that. Fortunately it turned out not to be cancer. There are worse things than Crohn’s.


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