My father doing farm work.

I have been reading a bunch of e-books on blogging in an effort to improve my own blog and help any fellow blogger.  All of these e-books were at one time free on Amazon when I did a search for promotional deals.  I have put together a library of several thousand quality Amazon e-books on many subjects just by taking advantage of promotions on Amazon over several years.  It is possible some may still be free or that very similar e-books may be free on Amazon at this time.  These five e-books have lots of excellent ideas on cross promoting your blog with different social media platforms for maximum leverage and making money online in general.

Blogging 201

Social Media Marketing when you have no clue!

Facebook Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy (Punk Rock Marketing Collection 3)

Cracking The Website Code: Grow Your Own Online Business Faster With A Smarter Website and Savvy Marketing

Someday I may want to sell some of my artistic succulent bottle garden creations on this blog and other social media platforms. These books have given me a good start on my eventual plan of attack.  I probably won’t get very rich doing that but it does give me a chance to tell other people my opinions and learn a bit along the way.


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