Five more ways to have a happy blog..


Younger Judy

Here are five more ways to have a happy blog.

First you can always sell a physical item advertised on your blog.  I would like to develop a craft hobby of making modified glass bottle planters with various types of succulents planted in the bottles.  This is more for my enjoyment rather than making a mint. I will probably get around to doing this when I reach the ripe old age of 90 at the rate I am going.  If I manage to hang on to life until I am 100 years old my life insurance will refund all my premiums but I don’t think there is too much danger of that happening.

Second you could use a 3-D printer to print out physical objects for other people or to enhance other items you are selling.  Dremel makes a small printer of this nature which looks like a good bet for this type of minor business.  I always wanted a 3-D printer for my own personal use.  Problem for me, the printer costs about $1000 dollars so it would be a high initial investment and would probably take a long time to recover that investment even if everything went well.  Still worth looking at though.

Third you could write a technical advice column and offer simple advise on technology via phone for pay to people that need help .  Many older people find it difficult to get some types of technology working particularly the first time. This is probably not a way to get rich but it would help someone in need.

Fourth you could help sell products using affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic that leads to sales.  It is necessary to build up a significant readership to make money in this manner.  There are many books on Amazon about affiliate marketing.  Do not try this with the Blogger platform because it is a total waste of time in my opinion.

Finally you could find a company willing to give you free samples of their product to test and review on your blog.  After testing and review is completed, I would use the product myself or it could be sold if it is valuable.  If anyone out there in the cyber world is interested in having their products reviewed on my blog please contact me.

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