$28,000 Ford EcoSport Sweepstakes…..ends May 31, 2017….by Ford/Marvel.


Truck I used to learn to drive.

…Someone once told me that FORD stands for “Fix or Repair Daily”.  Maybe true, but I learned to drive on the farm truck in this picture in about 1975.  I was slightly too young to drive.  It was quite old at the time but it ran good enough to get the work done even though it had plywood to cover the rusted out floor.  Buying pretty new trucks was not a high priority on our farm and we liked trucks that could get the job done.

I don’t know how long the Ford EcoSport in the sweepstakes will last the winner but I suspect it is worth the $28,000 price tag.  It would definitely be worth the taxes the winner needs to pay on the prize because you can always sell it.  If you want to enter this Ford/Marvel sweepstakes just click on the link below.  The cost to enter is zero so its even in my price range.

via Ford and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Ford and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Comics | Marvel.com


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