Kung Fu at a Dairy Plant Renovation

Martial arts has always been an attraction for both of my sons. My older son studied Jiu Jitsu in college and my younger son is currently taking Judo. I also like martial arts. The only things preventing me from taking Judo classes with Tony is that it looks like a lot of hard physical work and it costs money I don’t have at this time in my life.

I used to work with a couple of people who had black belts in Kung Fu. One of these people worked in the same company as me and I traveled with him to Sacramento, California for a dairy plant renovation. He was a refined sophisticated gentleman and knew his job well in addition to teaching Kung Fu. There were several people in our company’s job site group with various types of personalities. We were eating our dinner at some nearby seedy bar filled with a slighty rough looking crowd. One member of our party found out that “George” had a black belt in Kung Fu and he thought this was hilarious. He stood up at the bar and loudly said “This guy here can take anyone in this bar. You know why?  He has a black belt in Kung Fu!”.  The look on George’s face was priceless. Fortunately none of the good people at the bar initiated a cage match to test this brash assertion and we left the bar before we were kicked out. Even if you have a black belt in Kung Fu, I think its smarter not to mention it.


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