Is universal health care a human right?

I personally believe that anyone who is a Christian is morally obligated to help people with medical care if it is within their ability.  Everyone needs healthcare at some point in their life.  It is cruel to deny someone healthcare based on a low income.  Universal healthcare should be the goal of any national healthcare plan. Congress especially should not have extra health benefits paid for by taxes. Congress should have the exact same health benefits as everyone else.

Achieving universal healthcare is difficult because our political leaders and their families are insulated from the results of their inaction.  If they and their families were denied all healthcare until they achieved a good healthcare bill perhaps they would expedite the job. A little incentive can do wonders for productivity.

Have you ever been to a Social Security office in a large city to collect a benefit? It’s as close to hell as I want to get. Government workers are constrained by a system created by politicians and this makes a pure government controlled healthcare system unlikely to be efficient or productive. Insurance companies need regulation by the government and poor people will need to be subsidized on a sliding scale by rich people. Competition between insurance companies should be encouraged. Everyone should be subject to the same basic insurance plan. Rich people can get additional types of coverage and some fraction of these additional payments can be used to provide poor people with basic coverage. What do you think about this type of plan?


2 thoughts on “Is universal health care a human right?

  1. Hi Glenn! Wondering if by using the word ‘Universal’ you mean nationwide or worldwide? Since Mark and I were self employed and paid for our own health care coverage for 30 years I’m not the person to ask because for years I worked to pay for health insurance, property taxes & property insurance, car insurance, and the list goes on. I have to admit that it feels good to be on Medicare. I won’t mind paying for people who need help, but it sure grates me when people abuse the system. Take care!–Anna Marie


    1. I don’t believe a worldwide medical system is practical however our Church does have medical missionaries that are sent to very poor areas of the world. This seems to be very worthwhile.

      Some type of national system would seem to be possible and desirable. The goal should be to give everyone the opportunity to use an insurance system made up of private enterprise insurance regulated by the government. Members of Congress should not get free health care but should be required to contribute like anyone else so they have first hand knowledge of any system they create. Obamacare seemed to be a universal failure and I think it needs severe modifications as soon as possible.

      Thank you for the comment!


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