Should a Female Doctor be Allowed?

The TARDIS landed incognito outside my door and everyone came to see it!


Should a female Doctor be allowed?  The real question is Doctor WHO?  If you don’t already know, Dr Who is a science fiction character and British TV series all in one that has been running since 1963.  The TARDIS is Dr Who’s time/space ship which looks like a British police street box.  Doctor Who regenerates into a new character every so often because that is what Time Lords from Gallifrey do.  The Doctor has always been male even though his sexual preferences may not have been totally defined in every incarnation especially during the latest episodes.  I still enjoy the show and it is even easier to enjoy because it eventually becomes free on Amazon prime before I watch it.

I have no problem with the new female Doctor Who character.  I just wish they forgo any left wing political correctness and make her smart, young, good looking and straight.  Every show on TV does not need a liberal token character in it and I think that every TARDIS should have at least one good looking woman capable of running the control board.  Is that a sin, crime or is just too much to ask of a TV show?







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