Crohn’s Disease is winning today.


Cut the lawn today but it turns out I am having a mild Crohn’s disease episode.  Sometimes I can cut the complete lawn with no problem but this was not to be one of those good days.  Finished the important front half of the lawn then my belly started to flip over and do handstands.  Flat on my back in bed now hoping I can make it back and forth to the restroom in time.  Type of diet does not seem to be a factor as this type of condition among other fun conditions seems to happen almost randomly from Crohns.  The sharp slope on a small area of the property is particularly problematic when I feel like this.  Need to do any lawn mowing on one of my better days, during good weather and when I don’t need to drive my son.  Just trying to do my part to keep Hartford pretty since we are on main street.  Can’t let those big thistles go to seed.


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