Legacybox service review.

grandfathernose - Edited
Grandfather Sellnow with nose glasses

Legacybox service review.  Legacybox is a company that takes your old old personal media and converts it into modern formats.  It handles films, audio and pictures of almost any kind and produces a DVD, CD or Thumbdrive.  It is not necessary to pay full price for the Legacybox service if you sign up for their emails and wait for one of their 50% off sales.

I am morally opposed to all types of disk media such as DVD’s and CD’s because I am fairly certain they will become obsolete within my lifetime.  I have tried unsuccessfully to eliminate all DVD’s from our house but the rest of the family have stopped my clandestine attempts at totally purging all DVD’s.  At least I have been able to eradicate all CD’s.  I would always get the thumb drive option because this type of media is easier to convert to the latest media.

I have long ago converted all my immediate family’s old pictures into files that can easily be manipulated by software.  I like to use the pictures on this blog.  I did this using a scanner and computer which is a very slow tedious painful process.  It is always necessary to manipulate the scanned picture at least a little with software or it looks unprofessional.  I am sure my results are not equal to the quality that can be achieved by Legacybox using the latest equipment at a rapid pace.  Judy has a bunch of film reels sitting in boxes that I have no way to do myself so someday we may even take a look at a Legacybox conversion for this video.  Right now I can’t afford anything because there was a recent hole in my roof and I was in an accident with a flying board on I-94.  I consider Legacybox a fair deal if you take advantage of the 50% off sales and have money to spare.


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