At least we got the car out of the garage.


Garage door with broken spring that will not open.

It’s not real inexpensive to fix an old garage door with a broken spring.  We finally got the car out by doing a double lift on the heavy door then having one of us hold it in place.  Plan to lock the thing in place and let it sit until I can scrape up the cash to fix it.  The garage door opener itself also looks fairly ancient and will probably go next.

Would like to get a Ryobi garage door opener with some of the extra features.  It has a bunch of great accessories including fans, laser parking assist, bluetooth speaker and camera security system.  Yes, I know I’m dreaming because my wife would never let me use that much cash on a garage door opener.  It’s OK to dream.  Maybe one of my readers could buy one and let me know about their experience.