My Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree

Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in Wisconsin Garden
Manchurian Apricot Fruit Tree in My Wisconsin Garden.

I planted two of these Manchurian Apricot trees at our old house in Illinois eons ago and despite my best efforts at neglect, I was unable to kill them.  I actually got an apricot before someone accidentally trimmed them severely into a small bush form.

I planted two of these Apricot trees here in my Wisconsin garden as soon as we got our latest house.  Any plant that I can’t kill and that produces free food is my kind of plant.  The squirrels and rabbits never bothered the Apricot trees in Illinois but I put the plastic mesh around them here just in case.  I have found that a two foot high plastic mesh attached loosely to a stake seems to stop trees from being eaten to the ground by wonderful little woodland creatures.