Ryobi – My Favorite Flashlight

Flashlight by Ryobi
My favorite flashlight.


Ryobi makes a good work/home flashlight at a reasonable price.  Collecting tools is a minor hobby of mine.  I have some old tools left over from the farm and some from my engineering days of long ago.  I would have had a lot more beautiful old tools from my grandfather Marsh except my parents sold them to a scrap metal dealer while I was at high school for the day.  That was a sad event in my life.

I may not actually use all the old tools I own but this flashlight I use all the time.  It’s part of their 18 volt rechargeable battery system which I like primarily because I can actually afford these tools and they seem to last just about forever.  Ryobi is sold only at Home Depot.

The physical configuration of this flashlight allows it to snap onto a 2 x4 easily which is handy.  The end of the light can be swiveled to aim at your work when you set it down.  The detachable battery allows it to run basically forever on a project.  It is very bright and focused.  I dropped the thing from about 10 feet in the air onto a floor by accident and it actually survived although the battery was dented so I don’t use that battery anymore.  The run time per battery is many hours and depends on the size of battery that you use.  I typically buy the small compact lithium ion batteries because they cost less, weigh less, fit in spaces better and run long enough for any project I will ever do.

Flashlights are simple and common but this one is definitely a cut above the rest in my opinion.  You can see it is designed well when you use it.