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Glenn’s Health Update

Glenn’s heath update.  Recovery from cancer surgery continues.  Had a removal of the rectum and a flap procedure for radiation recovery.  More chemo of various types will probably be required.  Resting at home with home nurse care but ran out of all pain medication because I forgot to request more.  Suddenly realized everything still hurts significantly so I guess I need to take some type of action if I want to get out of bed without pain.  Doesn’t hurt too much if I lay down and don’t move around.

Not supposed to sit down or elevate my back over 30 degrees for the next six weeks.  I can stand and walk around.  Basically talking about a minimum of a six week vacation on my back with intermittent exercise in the house.  Trying out Sony Play Station Vue app instead of using spectrum/charter app for TV because there is not much else to do.  Spectrum app was of constantly lower quality here in Hartford when I compared it to Play Station Vue app.  Play Station Vue also has access to many more movies, a good cloud DVR and works well with Roku TV.

Hooked up an older Amazon Fire TV brick to my Roku TV HDMI port and updated its software  just for fun.    Many software improvements to the Fire TV software to enjoy.  Amazon added a Silk browser app that allows you to easily play Facebook videos such as our Church service videos.  This capability was not there in the old software and is an excellent improvement.  Amazon Alexa app is also fun to goof around with and doesn’t take much effort.  Messing around with the TV is just about all I can do at this time even if it drives Judy nuts when I mess with the controls on her smart TV..





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