How To Write Your Book

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I like to write using Google Documents and publish my books on Amazon.  The entire process is completely free and relatively painless.  You can publish your books on Amazon for reading on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle for sale and Hard Copy on demand.  I have written and published one book on Crohn’s disease.  I am planning to do a series of books oriented in a similar fashion based on my life experience.  All books will be available at Glenn’s Books on Amazon .  I hope they will help whoever reads them overcome similar problems and enjoy life.

Youtube has some excellent videos that detail exactly how to use Google Docs to write books and publish the books on Amazon.  One group of videos that I have found useful is available at Glenn’s Books on Youtube  .  Google Docs combined with a modern chromebook makes the actual mechanics of writing less stressful and faster for me.  Microsoft Word and a standard PC with the latest Window incarnation will also get the job done but I don’t like bloated slow software, physically hot laptop computers, expensive hardware, expensive software and a total lack of free virus protection.  I always prefer the K.I.S.S. method of doing anything: “KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID”.  Chromebooks can get this same job done easier and cheaper than a PC using Microsoft Windows.





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